Rock Deco was established in 1996, in Woody Creek, Colorado. I was fortunate to have been under the tutorship of Jack and Elaine Greenspan, founding members of the American Gem Trade Association. I was an apprentice for several years learning the lapidary trade in Jacks shop. My immersion into the gem business was on the AGTA gem show floor, selling fancy natural diamonds and color gemstones. I was addicted. I knew this would be my life’s work! Rock Deco has not missed a Tucson Show since 1996. We have settled into our home at the AGTA Show Booth 308. Come see us in February for the GemFair Tucson: American Gem Trade Association gem shows!

You may also purchase here from my website and I offer credit memos for special customers. No matter how we do business, my satisfaction promise is always valid; for any reason, if the item will not work for you, return it within 10 days or so for a full refund.

Rock Deco values our relationships above all. Over 25 years we have offered unique, fine quality, responsibly sourced, natural diamonds and gemstones of many varieties. We look forward to new finds and new friends in this wonderful industry of ours.

You can find Rock Deco on Instagram and Facebook. The best way is to call, email, or stop by the booth!

Rock Deco fully adheres to the rules of the international diamond trade as established by the USKPA and the World Diamond Council. Furthermore, we source all our rough diamond and colored gemstones from reputable sources not involved in the funding of conflict. Rock Deco is committed to sustainable practices and only purchases rough diamonds and gems from established reliable sources that participate in the Kimberley Process.

Rock Deco is a member in good standing in the AGTA. Rock Deco rigorously follows the rules for gem disclosure, good business practices, and customer relations required by the AGTA. We also participate annually in the AGTA Tucson Gem Show in February in the Convention Center.


Rock Deco offers a 100% satisfaction promise. If you do not like what you bought, return it within 10 days for a full refund.


Memos are available for customers in good standing. Many find selecting gems for their work can only be done in person. Contact us directly to request a memo.


Rock Deco uses this email service to send offers to our best customers. Often these are items at greatly reduced pricing and are quickly purchased, first requested first served. Sign up below.


Rock Deco accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, checks, MO’s and cash!


If you have a valid reseller’s license you can gain access to our wholesale prices. To begin this process, please apply here. Once approved, you will be given the information to create a wholesaler’s account on the website.


January 30-February 4, 2024
Booth 308